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The Gapo Crane Installation

mantis-cranes-the-gapo-img-1Mantis Cranes utilise the Gapo for crane installation on site, highlighting our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible service.

This method of crane installation is a self-propelled radio remote unit which has the ability to move a number of self erecting tower cranes.

On sites where space in restricted the Gapo has proved to be particularly useful for positioning cranes.

Case Study: Ross Fountain Edinburgh

We used the Gapo to install a Mantis 35.10 Self Erecting Tower Crane on site at the restoration of Ross Fountain project in the shadows of Edinburgh Castle. The path to site and the location for the crane was extremely restricted as it included a pathway through preserved and protected gardens, lined with beautiful old trees and other foliage. Due to the maneuverability of the Gapo we were able to complete the installation with no damage to the surrounds.

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The Gapo – Innovative Design

Due to its innovative design, this system can load, unload and move the cranes into position in a very safe and efficient manner.

Our customers have benefited from the introduction of this crane installation to our fleet. The speed and accuracy of the crane displacement and positioning is at an optimum level.

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