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Potain IGO T85A

Jib Length: 45m
Max Height: 35m
Max Lift: 6000kg

The Potain IGO T85A boasts a range of features to aid quick deployment on site including:
• Slewing mechanism
• Wireless remote control
• Onboard diagnostics
• Hydraulic jib

Potain IGO T85A Features
• 6,000kg maximum capacity
• 1,250 kg capacity at 45m
• 45m maximum operating hook radius
• 35m maximum tip hook height with jib horizontal
• Variable height lattice mast from 20m to 35m with optional mast inserts
• Remote control operated, giving Operator of Potain IGO T85A freedom to locate at hook point or point of delivery

Benefits of Using a Potain IGO T85A Self Erecting Tower Crane
• Minimal siting costs
• Speedy mobilisation
• Environmentally friendly, clean, quiet operation.
• Delivery of materials directly to the necessary position
• Enhanced site safety due to less manual handling
• The Self Erecting Tower Crane operates from one static position
• Less storage needs on site due to fixed position of the crane

Typical Projects for Potain IGO T85A
• Steel frame and timber frame structures
• In-situ concrete buildings
• Multi-storey residential developments
• Commercial construction projects

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