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Potain HUP 40.30

Jib Length: 40m
Max Height: 30m
Max Lift: 4,000kg

The Potain Hup 4030 is a new addtion to the Mantis Cranes fleet in 2017.It can provide up to 16 configurations to allow for extra lifting options on its 40m jib.

Potain Hup 40.30 Features

  • 4.5m x 4.5m footprint with a 2.5m slew radius
  • Telescopic mast with two heights, three positions and several configurations with jib tip removed or folding jib
  • High Performance Lifting (HPL) technology allows you to use your highest operational speed while maintaining your maximum lifting load
  • High Performance Slewing (HPS) delivers ideal motion control while slewing the loads
  • Compact unfolding over the top of the crane makes it easier to place closer to buildings
  • Height Under Hook with maximum raised jib is about 40m

Benefits of using a Self Erecting Tower Crane

  • Load is brought directly to the point of work using he radio remote control. This reduces the number of site movements required, increasing safety and reducing labour costs..
  • The operational footprint that a Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane uses is smaller in comparison to the majority of other material handling equipment, leaving more storage space available on site for storage, etc.

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