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So how does it work?

1. Contact Mantis

  • Contact Mantis in a way which is convenient to you
  • Enquires can be made via short email here
  • Contact Mantis directly on 01388 748 962
  • Request a call back here

2. Consultancy

Mantis Cranes provide a consultative led sales process to ensure that we fully understand your specific site requirements and we are therefore better placed to provide the right crane for your site demands.

3. Site Survey

  • Mantis carries out a site survey to gain a better understanding of the physical environment of the site.
  • The site survey will determine the best available options in terms of access and suitability.
  • What is the max weight to be lifted and at what radius?
  • Is there any building which the crane may over sail?
  • What is access to the site like?
  • Approximate start date
  • This information will be reflected in the project RAMS

4. Product Selection

  • Product selection is based on findings from Consultancy and site survey
  • Cranes are recommended to fulfil the agreed criteria
  • Customer Confirmation of crane model they require
  • Customer then receives a quotation
  • Customer responds by placing an order
  • Mantis configure the crane to suit site requirements
  • Base design information provided
  • Permit to erect completed
  • On-Site Delivery
  • Power requirements are outlined
  • Crane operator is arranged

5. City Tower Cranes

  • Mantis has a dedicated team of Tower Crane technicians to ensure that the tower crane is transported, erected and commissioned for service in an efficient manner.
  • A site specific risk assessment and method statement will be provided, setting out how we intend to execute the project.
  • Our appointed person will specify and locate the mobile crane which is required for the job, while ensuring the erection and dismantling goes as smoothly as possible.

6. On-Site Delivery

  • The process of the on-site delivery will be planned in detail in the stages above.
  • Mantis liaises with your on-site personnel before delivery to confirm that the site access and base area have not been altered.
  • Mantis set out the egress and regress that is required for the site.
  • Finally, Mantis liaises with our transport provider to ensure the self erecting tower crane arrives on time.

7. Erection

  • Mantis engineers will unload the crane from transport, position it on the base where it is then erected.
  • After this has been completed the crane is then commissioned. This erection of a self erection tower crane is generally completed in one day. City tower crane erection is a slightly longer procedure which takes 2-3 days approximately.

8. Induction

  • We provide crane induction after the crane has been erected.
  • This is to ensure that even the most experienced crane operators fully understand the control mechanisms, unique features and functionality of the specific crane.
  • The induction takes approximately 90 minutes and is completed by the engineer who oversaw the crane erection.

9. Training

  • This can be arranged on-site or off-site.
  • Operator Training can be completed in-house or through CPCS skills registered training.
  • Mantis work closely with several accredited training organisations which provide the appropriate level of training. Mantis will recommend the most suitable based on your particular needs.

10. Support

  • Mantis supply all relevant method statements, risk assessment and site plans.
  • Mantis will provide all the required statutory certifications for the equipment provided.
  • Mantis provide a continued consultancy approach throughout the project.
  • We provide a nationwide backup service with a dedicated customer support desk supported by a team of experienced crane technicians.
  • Our consultative sales approach is provided for the duration of the project.

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