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What power supply is required to run the cranes?

All of the cranes require three phase 380v-400v. The power supply can be either mains electric or a diesel generator. Click here for guidelines on generator hire rates. Mantis have recently upgraded our fleet of generators. Further details on our new fleet of generators available on our Mantis News Page

Can the cranes be lifted into position using a mobile crane if there is not adequate access to tow the crane onto site?

Yes. On most occasions the crane can be towed onto site but where access is limited it is possible to lift the crane either into or out of its working position.

What type of base is required to erect the cranes on?

Whether or not a dedicated base is needed depends on several factors such as ground conditions and crane model selected. Mantis Cranes can supply the relevant information to help make sure the correct option is chosen.

Can you have more than one crane working on a site?

Yes. We have had up to three cranes working on projects. Replacing a larger crane with two or more SETCs can result in higher productivity by reducing waiting time for trades.

Are the cranes safe in high wind?

Yes. When not in use the rotation / slew brake must be released to allow the crane weather vane, this allows the crane to present the smallest surface area to the wind. All the cranes are fitted with wind speed meters which alert the crane operators of the current wind speed on site.

Is crane hire possible in remote locations?

Yes. Mantis Cranes are proud to offer nationwide crane hire services throughout the UK for both Self Erecting Tower Cranes and City Tower Cranes. Mantis have extensive experience in providing crane hire services to the most remote regions throughout the UK.

What are the benefits of using a Self Erecting Tower Crane?

Self Erecting Tower Cranes provide many benefits. They increase on site productivity and shorten project duration. Materials can be placed exactly where they are needed on site. Self Erecting crane hire is typically more cost effective in terms of operating costs in comparison to alternative material handling options. Watch a video on the advantages of self erecting tower cranes here.

How are the cranes moved from site to site?

There are two ways cranes are normally transported . If the crane has high speed road axles fitted it can be towed with your standard articulated / rigid truck. However, as these high speed axles are expensive most cranes are fitted with site axles which are capable of moving the cranes around site and onto a low loader trailer similar to that used to move excavators etc.

How are the cranes operated?

They are fitted with radio remote controls which allow the operator to walk around site as he operates the crane. This eliminates the need for a second person to give signals to the crane operator as he can always be in sight of his load. Should the remote control fail to work for some reason a cable control can be connected to the crane until the remote control is serviceable.

Is a mobile crane required to erect these cranes?

No. Self Erecting Tower Cranes erect themselves on site without assistance of any other lifting equipment. For further information on the erection of SETCs click here.

Why Choose Mantis as your crane hire provider?

Mantis Cranes offer customers self erecting crane hire with models ranging from 12.7m to 45m jib length and max lifting capacity up to 6000Kg.

  • Our customer support team have unequalled access to extensive technical expertise through our sister company
  • Mantis Cranes ltd continually invest in upgrading our crane hire fleet and associated crane attachments
  • Mantis conduct all operations in full compliance with ISO 9001, BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001

Is there any danger of the operator overloading the crane?

When the crane is erected on site, the service engineer calibrates the lifting capacities of the equipment. These are not accessible by the crane operator at any stage thereafter. Unlike other lifting equipment, once the equipment reaches its maximum the overload limit switches are activated and the crane hoist and trolley movements are automatically restricted with no override option available to the operator.

Can the cranes be erected and dismantled easily on site?

Yes all self erecting cranes can be erected / dismantled within a few hours. Times vary from model to model. The Mantis TC-25 is the fastest deploying self erecting tower crane available and is unique to Mantis Cranes ltd

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