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Need a crane hire quote?

What needs to be considered?

“We had the best crane for the job” That’s what everyone would like to hear at the end of a project. Selecting the best crane for your project starts when a quote is requested. Assessing all the relevant information is essential to making this decision.

Mantis Cranes supply a wide range of lifting options including Saddle Jib Tower Cranes, Self-Erecting Tower Cranes and Luffing Jib Tower Cranes throughout UK and Ireland.


Recommending the most suitable crane will reduce costs and improve time efficiencies on your project, helping you to meet deadlines and stay within your budget. In addition, the right crane will ensure the health and safety of your workers and visitors to your site. Ultimately, it will help keep your project within budget and on track.


What to consider when getting a crane hire quote?

Get a crane hire quote from Mantis Cranes UK and Ireland

• Weight, size and type of load

The details of the load to be lifted and moved are critical to selecting the most suitable crane. Using a high-capacity crane for a small load is inefficient while low-capacity cranes can lead to dangerous lifting practices. Our aim is to recommend the optimal crane for the job.

Submit height details when requesting a crane hire quote

• Overall height of the lifting load

The overall height of the lifting load is as important to know as the weight. The length of the jib will depend on how high the load needs to be lifted. Mantis Cranes Technical Sales Team will review all crane specifications and load curves to help identify the correct crane for your project.

Other factors to consider when getting a quote


• Moving distance – How far the loads will have to be moved?

• Evaluation of the site – Are ground conditions on the site suitable for the crane required?

• Access to the site – Is there adequate access to the site for a crane? Will there be access to the crane once the building is complete? Will a lift-out be required?

Safety Issues – Are there overhead power cables or walkways, streetlights, surrounding buildings, and tall trees near your site?

Mantis Cranes Technical Sales Team review site drawings

Having built up many years of experience in the crane hire arena, The Mantis Cranes Team is adept at quickly identifying the optimal crane for the project. We will look at the site drawings and gather all the required information before completing a quote. This will allow us to spot any potential issues even before work begins on site.

To request a quote please visit us here  and we will provide you with a quote for the most suitable lifting option for you.


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