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How do you get a Mantis 35.10 crane down a very narrow 3.2 mile lane?

How do you get a Mantis 35.10 self-erecting tower crane 3.2 miles down a very, very narrow lane, across 2 bridges, into place and erected without a hitch?

And then do it again once the build is finished? You ask The Mantis Cranes Engineers to do it!

Mantis cranes 35.10 pedestrian crane on site

A bespoke new house, beside a river, at the end of a long country lane, sounds idyllic unless you are the team tasked with getting the self-erecting tower crane onto the site. Always welcoming a challenge, the Mantis Cranes UK team successfully managed to manoeuvre the crane into place, and then back out 8 weeks later, using all their skills and experience.

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Have a look at the video showing just how challenging this crane move was. With absolutely no room for error, the Mantis Team efficiently moved the crane along the narrow lane. Rounding tight corners, and taking it over 2 bridges, they managed to get it safely onto site and erect it ready for the 8-week project.

Crane hire England self erecting tower crane

Key to the efficiency of this installation was The Gapo, a self-propelled radio remote unit. The Gapo is ideal for moving cranes on sites where space is confined. It is also ideal for moving a crane 3.2 miles down a narrow country lane and over bridges where, in places, there was just 20mm spare on each side of the wheels.

Due to its innovative design, the Gapo can load, unload and move the cranes into position in a very safe and efficient manner. This machine, which moves other machines, proved invaluable in reaching this otherwise inaccessible site.

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Big shout out to the Mantis UK Team who took this challenge in their stride and then had to do it all over again 8 weeks later, once the build was complete!

erecting a tower crane

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