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Behind the scenes of the Mantis Cranes Corporate Video

Mantis Cranes boardroom with a site plan for a pedestrian operated tower crane

Corporate Video

We recently had Eoin O’Callaghan from Amelia Records, visit us in the Mantis Cranes Donegal base where he spent the day gathering photos and video footage for the new corporate video.

This video will highlight the extensive range of tower cranes and self-erecting tower cranes offered by Mantis Cranes from our bases in Ireland and the UK. Featuring lots of footage of Mantis Cranes in action on sites across the country, the video will also highlight the contribution made by all members of the Mantis team.

Appearing in the video are some faces that are very familiar to our customers and some less familiar ones. Lots of work happens behind the scenes to help provide all our Mantis customers with the high level of service and support that they associate with the company.

Behind the scenes photos 🎥

Below is a selection of photos from behind the scenes of the corporate video shoot.

Mantis Cranes crane hire engineer servicing a tower crane

An engineer working in the workshop in Mantis Cranes - a tower crane supplier

Mantis Cranes boardroom with staff at planning meeting for crane sales UK and Ireland




Workshop engineer at Mantis Cranes workshop preparing for erecting tower crane

Service engineers at Mantis Cranes suppliers of city crane hire

Crane engineer training on tower crane by Potain Cranes

Boardroom of Mantis Cranes a supplier of crane hire england

Drone operator for video of Saez Crane Hire

Mantis Cranes planning meeting for crane hire ireland

Mantis Cranes engineer operating a tower crane

Workshop engineers for Mantis Cranes supplier of cranes for sale ireland

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