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Student Accommodation Project in Leeds

In February we erected a Potain IGO50 on a Student Accommodation Project in Leeds.

The Self Erecting Tower Crane is due to be on site for a Tower Crane Hire period of at least six months. The project involves the construction of a steel frame building. When finished it will provide a five-level student residential building housing 130 studio flats for student accommodation, associated reception area, management office, gymnasium, study room, landscaping and access from ground level.

Student Accommodation Project in Leeds

Projects image of the final building (Source:

The Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane is a Potain IGO50, easily of the most popular cranes that we offer on our Tower Crane Hire Fleet. This Potain IGO was configured with a 40m jib, providing a maximum lift of 1,000kg at the end of that jib. It can supply a maximum load capacity of 4,000kg out as far as 13m on the jib. The hook height available is 23.2m.

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