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Mantis TC25 on a Town House Project in Suffolk

Last week we placed a Mantis TC25 on a town house project in Suffolk for an initial crane hire period of 12 weeks.

The Self Erecting Tower Crane, the smallest on our Crane Hire Fleet, is very popular on projects where site space is restricted and excellent maneuverability to site during erection is required. The Mantis TC25 has a 25m jibs and can provide a maximum lift of 2,000kg close to the tower. At the end of the 25m jib it can offer a capacity of 750kg. It comes with a height under hook of 19m. You can read more about this crane here.


Some of the unique features that make the Mantis TC25 so ideal for a project like this include that fact that there is an on board generator, permanent ballast and hydraulic levelling. Our client all availed of our crane accessories lift pack 1 which includes: Block Grab, Brick Forks, Tipping Skip, 4 Leg chain & drop chain. You can read more about it here.

Mantis TC25 on a Town House Project in Suffolk

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