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Potain Hup 40-30 in Liverpool

Last week we erected a new Potain Hup 40-30 in Liverpool on a warehouse renovation project.

This is one of the Potain Hup 40-30 Self Erecting Tower Cranes that we added to our fleet earlier in 2017. These are unique cranes that can provide a height under hook of 30m at the end of 40m jib, where it can lift 1,000kg. Closer to the tower, and out as far as 13.2m, it can lift a capacity of 4,000kg.

Potain Hup 40-30 in Liverpool Gallery

The project involves the renovation of a warehouse with a first floor extension and parking to provide office space with meeting rooms, reception and lobby.

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To find out more about hiring a Potain Crane in Liverpool contact us today.

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