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Potain HUP 40-30 Added to the Mantis Cranes Fleet

Mantis Cranes is pleased to announce the addition of the Potain HUP 40-30 Self Erecting Tower Crane to its hire fleet, the largest and most diverse fleet of Self Erecting Tower Cranes in the United Kingdom.

Potain HUP 40-30 being erected

In September we took delivery of two HUP 40-30s, the first of many that will be added to our Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane fleet. Following a period of training for our Crane Service Team the first of these will be on site during November.

The Potain HUP 40-30 has a 4,000kg capacity and a 40m jib length. Its maximum hook height is 30m, significantly more than other cranes of this size. The crane is operated using a wireless remote control. Click here to find out more about the Potain HUP 40-30.

The hoist unit features Potain’s High Performance Lifting (HPL) technology as well as High Performance Slewing (HPS) and an integrated diagnostic tool. The Power Control function allows the crane to operate with a range of power inputs.

Potain HUP 40-30 Features

  • 40m jib length
  • 4,000kg maximum capacity, 1,000kg at the jib end
  • 30m maximum tip hook height with jib horizontal
  • Remote control operated, giving the operator freedom to locate at hook point or point of delivery
  • High Performance Lifting (HPL)
  • High Performance Slewing (HPS)

Andy Stewart, National Sales Manager of Mantis Cranes Ltd said: “With the addition of the Potain HUP 40-30 to our Tower Crane Hire Fleet, our clients can avail of the greater flexibility and adaptability that this model has to offer. The new designs and technology available with the Potain HUP 40-30 allow it work and cover a greater variety of jobs.”

Potain HUP 40-30 Gallery

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