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Mantis 35.10 at Ross Fountain Edinburgh

Our Crane Engineers were busy in Scotland last week installing a Mantis 35.10 at Ross Fountain Edinburgh.

The project is situated at Princes Street Gardens at the foot of Edinburgh Castle and involves the restoration of Ross Fountain. The fountain was originally built installed at Edinburgh in 1872 and was produced at the iron foundry of Antoine Durenne in Sommevoire, France

Crane at Edinburgh Castle

Our Mantis 35.10 Self Erection Tower Crane on its way to the site at Ross Fountain.

In order to get the Self Erecting Tower Crane, one of our Mantis 35.10s, to the site it had to be manouvered through the Princes Street Gardens and the tricky network of streets in those environs.

The Mantis 35.10 Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane, probably our more popular crane, for this project has a jib length of 28.7m and a height under hook of 21.7m. It can provide our client with a maximum lift, at the end of the jib, of 1,500kg. Furthermore, it is due to be on site for period of at least 40 weeks.

Putting a Self Erecting Tower Crane on site

The Gapo made it easy to move the Self Erecting Tower Crane to the construction site.

A mobile crane, or even a telehandler would, have not been practical for a project like this because of the site footprints and additional weights involved. Luckily we were able to use the Gapo to ensure that we could install the crane on the site of the fountain restoration. The Gapo allows the Crane Field Service Engineering team to remotely control the movements of the crane while they are walking alongside it.

Using the Gapo

Mantis Engineers being careful to avoid any damage to the trees.

Our team had to pay particular attention to the beautiful trees and foliage at the Princes Street Gardens. In addition to the careful steps that we took for this we also had to take precautions to protect the pathways and cobbles on the way to the location where the crane was to be sited.  The Gapo and Mantis 35.10 were a perfect combination they weigh far less that a mobile crane or telehandler and are much easier to manouver.

Project -Tower Crane Hire Edinburgh

The Mantis 35.10 finally on site in at Ross Fountain and in the shadows of Edinburgh Castle.

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Mantis 35.10 at Ross Fountain Edinburgh Gallery


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