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Self Erecting Tower Cranes in Northampton

Close to our southern depot, we have two Self Erecting Tower Cranes in Northampton on a construction project.

Our two cranes, working side-by-side, are a Potain IGO50 and a Potain HDT80 Self Erecting Tower Crane. Both Pedestrian Operated Tower Cranes are extremely popular on our hire fleet due to the capacity that they offer and the fact that they can, in most cases, with be placed on construction sites with restricted space in a straightforward manner.

Crane Hire Northampton

The Potain IGO50 on this timber frame construction project has a 40m jib. In its current set up it will offer a maximum lift at the end of the 40m jib of 1,000kg. There is a Height Under Hook (HUH) of 23.2m available.

Alongside it, the Potain HDT80 has a longer 45m jib and can provide 1,250kg at the jib end and a HUH of 32.2m.

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