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Tower Cranes in Ormskirk

Last week we erected a Saez TL55 City Tower Crane on a construction project in Ormskirk, bringing the number of Mantis Tower Cranes in Ormskirk to two.

Earlier in February we had erected a Potain IGO50 Self Erecting Tower Crane on the same construction project. The two Pedestrian Operated Tower Cranes will work side-by-side for approximately the next four months.

The project is the development of student accommodation at Edge Hill University. It comprises 168 bedroom with landscape and access works.

Mantis Cranes - Pedestrian Operated Tower CranesThe Saez TL55 Tower Crane has a jib length of 55m. Depending on the configuration, it can provide a maximum lift at the jib end of 1,050kg – and 5,000kg at 15.8m-20.2m depending on the Tower Height. The Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane our team placed on site has a Tower height of 31.6m.

The Potain IGO50 Self Erecting Crane was placed on site the week previously. It can work in close proximity to the Saez Tower Crane as it has a lower tower height, providing a height under hook of 23.2m at the end of a 28m jib. It will meet the specified requirement of a maximum capacity of 2,000kg. On different configuration this crane can provide a maximum capacity of 4,000kg.

Mantis Cranes Hire Projects

To find out more about hiring Tower Cranes in Ormskirk call us today and our team will help you identify the best material handling option for your project.

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