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Saez 55TL City Tower Crane Installation in Preston

Today at Mantis Cranes we completed a Saez 55TL City Tower Crane Installation on site in Preston.

Our team of Crane Engineers erected two Saez 55TL City Tower Cranes for our client over a period of two days. Our Mantis Cranes service team began work at 7am on Monday morning. One of the cranes was in position by that evening and the second erection was completed by Tuesday afternoon.

Both cranes have jib lengths of 50m with tower heights of 35.6m and 29.5m.  The maximum lifting capacity at the end of the jib is 1,600kg.

This crane, one of our most popular City Tower Cranes, will be on site for a period of approximately seven months on the project which involves the construction of a steel frame warehouse.

Saez 55TL City Tower Crane Installation

  • Less site movements
  • Delivers workload directly to the point where it is needed
  • More environmentally friendly with less noise pollution etc.
  • Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane provides excellent jib lengths and load capacity

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To find out more about Saez 55TL City Tower Crane Installations or hiring a Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane call us today at 01388 748962.

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