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City Tower Crane Hire on an Office Project

Mantis Cranes recently provided a City Tower Crane Hire on an Office Project in Dublin.

We installed an FM Gru 10-35 Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane as it was the crane which best suited the restricted space available to erect. Additionally it was ideal for the point loadings that could be imposed upon the pedestrian pathway. Once on site the crane provides a 1 tonne lift at 35m (2.5t at 16m).

Having been erected over a weekend, the City Tower Crane will be working on the project on site for a hire period of up to 36 weeks.

City Tower Crane Hire on an Office Project

City Tower Crane Hire on an Office Project Details

The development involves adding extra floor space on the fourth level and an additional fifth level (sixth storey) to the existing structure on Harcourt Street; close the Dublin’s City Centre. The project includes relocating the existing plant, along with a new plant, on the roof level of the, soon to be, six storey building.

The new development will increase the overall floor space in the office block by almost 500 square meters.

Advantages of Using a City Tower Crane on this project

  • The crane occupies a smaller footprint, making it easier to fit on a site like this with restricted access
  • A Tower Crane provides excellent reach and lifting capacity
  • Allows the Crane Operator to deliver material right to the point of work with good accuracy

Benefits of Using Mantis Cranes

  • Mantis Cranes provide a consultation to help you consider your material handling options for any situation. We strive to provide you with the correct crane for your project at all times
  • Mantis Cranes advise on the appropriate accessories to use for your project

If you have a similar project coming up please do not hesitate to contact us today at 01388 748962.

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