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Self Erecting Tower Crane Dismantle in Luton

One of our longest ever hires came to an end in September when we completed a Self Erecting Tower Crane dismantle in Luton.

A Mantis 35-10, it had been on site since April 2013 on a construction project that involved an extension to an existing Mosque and the addition of a new community centre. The SETC was perfect for the site as space was restricted and it could be inserted and extracted. This was despite the fact the the construction side was adjacent to a busy street.

Our video (above) shows how the Mantis 35-10 was the ideal Self Erecting Tower Crane for the project in question. Our service team originally placed the crane in 2013 using our standard procedures. The dismantle was completed in a single morning using two engineers and a telehandler.

Once the crane was folded down we were able to carefully maneuver it off the site and onto a truck to be transported back to our yard in Northampton. The Pedestrian Operated Tour Crane will be fully serviced and checked before it is sent out on the next hire.

Main Benefits to Using an SETC

  • Safer on site due to less site movements
  • Delivers load directly to the point of work
  • Less damage to other site equipment
  • More efficient use of space
  • Ability to work in the most confined spaces

Self Erecting Tower Crane Dismantle in Luton Gallery

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