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Crane News – November 2

A selection of the latest stories relating to crane innovation, crane hire and crane technology. For more crane news see our website.

Mantis Cranes Depot

Crane News: Working at Height Forum & ICSA Meeting

The Working At Height Best Practice Safety Forum was held by Nationwide Platforms held at the start of the month at the Belfry in the West Midlands.

Topics discussed included operator familiarisation and rescue and  specialist vehicles. See more at:

Meanwhile the International Crane Stakeholder Assembly held its annual meeting at Burswood in West Australia at the end of September. There was a strong focus on safety. See more at:

Health checks for crane operators

Singapore is addressing rising rates in crane accidents by lwoering the age for compulsory health checks for crane operators from 60 to 50. Operators at the lower end of the bracket 50-65 will be test every two years while operators aged 65-70 must be tested annually.

VERTIKAL Health checks for crane operators
ASISONE Safety rules boosted after rise in crane accidents

Is it time for similar age-specific health checks to be introduced in the UK?

Crane News: Crane training educational college programme unveiled

A partnership has been announced, in the United States, between West Georgia Technical College and Crane Information services to provide a new series of Skills Development Training Courses essential to construction, utilities, power generation, manufacturing, mining and refining.

Crane NewsCourses will be offered through the WGTC’s Economic Development Division and will include Basic and Advanced Rigging; Rigging Inspector; Crane Operator training, certification and qualification for Mobile, Overhead, and Tower Cranes; Crane Inspector; Crane Site Safety Management; and Power Line Safety for Utility Workers. Additional courses are in development.

See more at:

Will it be long before we see something similar in the United Kingdom?

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