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Potain IGO50 on a Residential Project

Last week we placed a Potain IGO50 on a Residential Project in Romsey.

Using The Gapo – Crane Installation to insert the crane on site we had the Self Erecting Tower Crane on site in a short space of time, allowing the developer to proceed with work quickly whilst causing minimal disruption on site.

The requirement was for a Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane with a jib length of 40m, height under hook of 23.2m and a maximum lift of 1 tonne at 40m. The Potain IGO50, one of our most popular cranes. was identified as the ideal crane for the development.

The crane will be on site for approximately 20 weeks.

Increased Safety Provided by Potain IGO50 on a Residential Project

  • Less site movements required
  • Crane operator can deliver material directly to the point of work
  • Less possibility of any damage to the scaffolding on site
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