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HDT80 on a Student Accommodation Site

We placed a Potain HDT80 on a student accommodation site in Bournemouth in early May.

HDT80 on a Student Accommodation SiteA team of two engineers worked from early morning to insert a self erecting tower crane to meet the project requirements, 1,650kg at 40m. The height under hook was in place at 34m, providing the ideal solution for material handling on site for a hire period of approximately 15 weeks.

Additionally we provided spreader mats, aircraft warning lights, chains and slings for the project. Mantis Cranes can provide many crane accessories for projects like this. To see our full range of crane accessories click here.

Benefits of Using a HDT80 on a Student Accommodation Site

  • Self Erecting Cranes have smaller operating expenditure than alternative material handling equipment
  • Self erecting cranes minimise vehicle movement on site
  • Self Erecting cranes eliminate possible damage to scaffolding inflicted by forklifts



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