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Mantis 35-10 in Hounslow

Mantis Cranes recently inserted a Mantis 35-10 Self Erecting Tower Crane in Hounslow on a construction site.

Mantis 35-10 in Hounslow

Mantis 35-10 fully erected.

The Mantis 35-10 was the ideal piece of machinery for the project given the required maximum lift of 1 tonne at 35 metres. Following installation the crane was operating with a height under hook of 21.7m at 35m and 20.3m at tower.

After an induction with the crane operator things were ready to get underway. The Mantis 35-10 will be on a site for a period of approximately 10 weeks.


Advantages to Using a Mantis 35-10 in Hounslow

  1. Increased Site Saftey
  2. Delivers load directly to where it is needed
  3. Quick on site time
  4. Increased site efficiency

Self Erecting Tower Crane in London

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Mantis 35-10 in Hounslow

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