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IGO T85A Now Available from Mantis

Mantis Cranes are pleased to announce the addition of the IGO T85A to the largest fleet of Self Erecting Tower Cranes in the United Kingdom.

Mantis Cranes currently operate a fleet of 75 units. We’ve added two IGO T85As to complement our existing range of HDT 80s. Mantis Cranes are the first, and sole, providers of the IGO T85A in the United Kingdom.

IGO T85AThe IG0 T85A has a 6 tonne capacity and 45m maximum jib length. Its maximum hook height is 35m. It can be operated using a wireless remote control. The new slewing mechanism which helps operators improve accuracy, especially when placing loads.

IGO T85A Features

  • 6,000 kg maximum capacityMantis T85A Erection
  • 1,250 kg capacity at 45m
  • 45m maximum jib length
  • 35m maximum tip hook height with jib horizontal
  • Variable height lattice mast from 20m to 35m with optional mast inserts
  • Remote control operated, giving the operator freedom to locate at hook point or point of delivery

Benefits of Using an IGO T85A Self Erecting Tower Crane

  • Minimal siting costs
  • Speedy mobilisation
  • Environmentally friendly, clean, quiet operation
  • Delivery of materials directly to the necessary position
  • Enhanced site safety due to less manual handling
  • The Self Erecting Tower Crane operates from one static position
  • Less storage needs on site due to fixed position of the crane

Schematic for IGO T85 A

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