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Mantis Site Visit: Carlisle Memorial Church, Belfast

In January we placed a Mantis 32 10 Self Erecting Tower Crane on site at the Carlisle Memorial Church in Belfast.
Carlisle Church BelfastOur client, Hamilton and Martin, have been working on the restoration there and were having difficulty with the roof restoration, given the space restrictions and lack of access to the roof.

With the SETC identified as the perfect solution we installed the crane on Carlisle Memorial Church site. This involved our service team deploying from our plant in the early hours of the day, amidst local snowfalls.

Benefits of using Mantis 32 10 at the Carlisle Memorial Church

  • The small site footprint of the crane allowed easy insertion while maintaining the safety of adjacent traffic and pedestrian activity.
  • The adjustable jib allowed the crane to be maneuvered with the position of church steeples becoming an issue.
  • The operator could be located at the point of loading or unloading due to remote control operation
  • A 4 tonne max lift was ideal for moving large stacks of roof slates.
  • The 32.10 has a quick installation time which allowed the site partners at Carlisle Memorial Church to progress with their work in a short period of time

Upon arrival at the site the crane was unloaded, placed in position and our field engineer got to work leveling the device. With that complete additional ballast was added, a safety test carried out and everything was ready to go for our clients.

This work is part of the first phase of the restoration of the Carlisle Memorial Church, backed by Belfast Buildings trust to the tune of £850,000. The Trust acquired the project in Spring 2012 and are aiming now aiming to progress from the initial stabilisation work that was carried out in 2012.


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