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Recent Mantis 32.10 Crane Installation in Birmingham

We recently completed a Mantis 32.10 crane installation on site in Birmingham.

Site Location


  • Fusion Building Systems

Crane Model

Crane Duties

  • Height Under Hook when Erected – 21.7m
  • Jib Length when Erected – 32m
  • Max Lifting Capacity – 4000Kg
  • Capacity @ Jib end When Erected – 1000Kg
  • Slew Radius – 2.4m

For more information about Mantis 32.10 Crane installation click here.

Mantis 32.10 Crane Installation Advantages

  • Low siting costs
  • Easy to mobilise
  • Environmentally friendly, clean quiet operation
  • Delivery of materials to exactly where needed
  • Improved health & safety on site due to less manual handling
  • Reduces vehicular movements on site
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