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Isle of Arran Care Home Project

Mantis Cranes Ltd travelled to the Isle of Arran on the west coast of Scotland for a project toIMG_0140 build a new Care Home.

A Self Erecting Tower Crane (SETC) was considered to be the most economical option as transport costs were greatly reduced and a second crane was not required on-site to erect the crane. Due to the footprint of the care home with its low slung wide spread design a SETC with the longest possible jib was required. The HDT-80 is the largest SETC available within the UK fleet and proved to be perfectly suited to the job. As the photo shows, the crane was erected to its lowest height of 15.6m height under hook.

Main benefits for the Isle of Arran Project

  1. The reduced height of the crane meant the jib was less affected by wind conditions
  2. The reduced height also meant there was less of a visual impact on the natural beauty of the landscape.

In all the Isle of Arran project outlined above the customers expressed their high levels of satisfaction with both the crane performance and the service offered by Mantis Cranes Ltd.



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